Pod B Produce List


Planned for your bin Oct. 2, 2023

ATTENTION MEMBERS! For the first time since we started the Co-Op 14 years ago we are having to raise the price of a full bin to $60.00.  You will be getting $60.00 worth of groceries where previously you got $50.00 –   $10.00 more groceries so no worries there. The half bin will go up to $30.00.

The wholesaler has raised the $$ for the minimum order.  If we go below that amount – even if it is their fault by not shipping everything we ordered  – they will charge us an extra $150.00.  Since we are a non profit and do not make any $$ on the groceries that we order for you we can not be paying extra charges.  Ordering more groceries will give us an extra buffer so we don’t end up paying extra  – and will also get you a few more goodies. 

This increase will take place Sept 18th for Pod B.

NOTE: Below list is subject to availability and may have substitutions depending on what ships.

Our source for locally grown live lettuce delivers at 10:30. Bins will be complete by 11:00AM on weeks when they supply. But it is worth the wait!

We are currently accepting new co-op members in this pod. Please have anyone interested in joining contact Marlice for more info: marlice@emerarldcoastorganicfoodcoop.org

Please remember to BRING your BAGS, BOXES, BASKETS, or CONTAINERS for collecting your produce. We will not be keeping boxes for your use in order to keep the co-op room cleaner and help prevent spreading germs.


Green Leaf Lettuce

Kale from New England

Rainbow Chard


Assorted Hard Squash


** Jalapeno Peppers from Lady Moon Farms

Roma Tomatoes

Sugar Snap Peas


Bunny Luv Carrots

Purple Sweet Potatoes

Red Beets

Yellow Onions



Gala Apples



Pineapples from Wild Harvest

Valencia Oranges

(**) Items must be weighed and bagged.

* Please note, when a bin is extra full one week, it is generally because we order extras due to previous shortages or produce that arrived but was rejected due to spoilages. This does not mean that is the norm for every week. If there are any shortages in a bin in your Pod B one week, that credit will be used to purchase extra for the next Pod B pick-up.

To see descriptions of USDA Grades for Fruit and Vegetable please go to https://www.ams.usda.gov/grades-standards.

POSTED 9/28/23