How do I join the co-op?

If you live in the Ft. Walton Beach-Destin area and would like to join our co-op please sign up by emailing our membership coordinator. Go to “Contacts” for contact information. We are accepting new memberships at this time.

What is the cost?

The initial membership fee is $50.00  Full bins are $50 every two weeks and feeds 2-4; half bins are $25 every 2 weeks and feeds 1 -2.

What if I’m out of town on the pickup date?

Members are responsible for all food pickups on their delivery dates. They are also responsible for dropping off a check in the payment box. You can use a substitute, but it is your responsibility to insure that person picks up the food on the delivery date and delivers the check. The check can be made out by the substitute but needs to have your name on the memo portion of the check.

What happens to my bin if I don’t pick it up?

If you are unable to collect your bin and you did not arrange to have someone else pick it up, or the person doesn’t pick up as planned, then you will still be responsible for payment. If the food isn’t collected by Wednesday at 2 p.m., then it will be donated to the Daily Bread Ministry soup kitchen at Trinity United Methodist Church on Racetrack Road in Fort Walton Beach.

Why do I sometime not receive an item that was on the produce list posted on the website?

The produce list on the website is tentative and subject to change. We provide the list to help members with their weekly food planning and it reflects the order we place with the distributor a few days before each pickup date. Due to the seasonality, perishability, and variable supply of fresh produce, the ordering process is fluid by nature. This may result in our co-op receiving less or none of a particular item that we ordered, but the distributor replaces unavailable items with something different or more of an item we are already receiving. Because of this, some folks may not receive a particular item or the same quantity of an item as their neighboring bin, but the volunteers at the time make every effort to compensate by adding more of other items.

Why isn’t more of the produce regional?

When our member buyer places the order she tries to get as much Florida and regional produce as possible. The ideal would be to order all regional produce, but due to seasonality and availability – and also our desire to provide a good variety and value of fruits and vegetables – the amount of regional produce will vary. It’s a very challenging endeavor of which they have done a fantastic job.