We are a non-profit member supported organic food co-op in the Ft. Walton Beach area on the Emerald Coast in Northwest Florida. 

Who We Are

We are a group of people that are concerned with the type of nourishment we ingest. We recognize that organic foods are nourishing and are grown with care and integrity in an sustainable manner. We recognize that eating organic foods is a major part of the overall picture in obtaining good health. If you feel this too, consider becoming a member of our cooperative.

Our Purpose

  • We aim to make buying organic foods as affordable as possible for our members.
  • We are interested in sharing our message to our community on the benefits of organic foods for our health and the health of our environment.
  • We want to be part of the much needed paradigm shift in the direction of healthcare in this country.

How it Works

Fresh, organic produce is delivered to our member pick-up location each Monday. Members are asked to pick up their food by 6:00PM that day.

Most members participate in a bi-monthly subscription and pick-up their produce every other Monday. Some members elect to participate weekly. It’s your choice.

The current cost per bin of produce is $50.

Each “bin” has an assortment of organic fruit and vegetables balanced across these categories:  leafy green vegetables, flowering and stem vegetables, root vegetables, fruit and seed vegetables, as well as dessert fruits and citrus.

We are Member Supported

Our co-op is a member-supported organization with very minimal paid staff – one person helps out on a part-time basis. All other work associated with the co-op is provided on a volunteer basis by our members. We ask our members to volunteer at least twice a year in helping to sort produce from the delivery palettes to the bins.

Our History

We began our co-op in the spring of 2009. Our members receive fresh organic produce bi-monthly at an affordable price. We started with 12 members and have now grown to over 90 members providing 72 bins of produce.